Monday, January 25, 2010

3-Sides of a Circle

DC Streetsblog, which picked up my post on Jaywalking as a Livability Indicator post, highlights the...let's say irregularities in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's interestingly devoid of intelligence article, "Eeek! Why no more Freeways?!?!" (Not really the title).

The crux of the debate is, why spend federal dollars on covering a freeway when we could spend it on more lanes.

While the FWST apparently wants to continue the march of folly, solving traffic congestion through increased supply, when that very supply is the reason for the problem. Fortunately, the DMN has a more rational take.

My take on the other hand is to appropriately keep this discussion at the complexity and nuance it deserves...140 character tweets:

Small Government! Unless it's for highway construction...then gov't spending is A-OK!!!!