Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Where to Walk if You Want to Die

New Study from Transportation 4 America: Dangerous by Design - Most Dangerous Large Metro Areas for Pedestrians. I've mapped the top 20 list of their Pedestrian Danger Index (PDI), largest dots are the top 5, medium dots top 10, and the smallest dots round out the top 20.

Dallas, if you're lazy, but not lazy enough to lack a modicum measure of wonder comes in at 13 amongst such destinguished urban wonderlands as Detroit, Charlotte, and Las Vegas.

Certainly looks bad for Florida. But, nearly the entire top 20 is located in the sun belt. The only outlier being, not so ironically, the car capital of the world, Detroit. A city so turned over to all things automobile that it matches Sun Belt cities for being designed for the car, despite once being called the Paris of North America (20s and 30s).

I think it is safe to assume, that any city designed to be walkable, is safest for pedestrians.