Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Like the Tallest Midget?

Ray LaHood, quickly becoming either my favorite Republican or the most effectual cabinet member (seemingly), blogs about his meeting with Transportation 4 America and the Dangerous by Design report:

But, as much leadership as DOT can offer, only Congress can authorize federal funding for such programs. And, as the petition urging my leadership on safer roadway planning reminds us:

"The Transportation Bill comes around just once every six years, and we can’t afford another six-year delay on building the 21st Century transportation system our country craves."

That's why, when we hold our upcoming open meetings on new transportation legislation, I urge all of you who care about this important issue--from experts to everyday pedestrians--to come forward and tell us how strongly you feel about this. Then, we can let Congress know how much momentum is truly behind safer road planning.

I can only offer my regrets to the name chosen for his blog, "Fast lane." I'll chalk that one up as a choice made before he got fully situated into the job and the learning process began.

The key point however is that health factors related to good or bad urban design are the ones that are gaining traction at a political and personal/behavioral level. The fact that matters most, is that transportation is the number 1 dictator of development design, form and type of buildings for cities - as I'll call coding/zoning a byproduct of the predominant transportation network/goals.