Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Free Beer Happy Hour - Guess the City

Downtown Dallas edition in order to see the lights and the new park grand opening, and due to that, we have another BIZARRO BEER FRIDAY!!!!

**edit: Perhaps as readership expands beyond an email list, perhaps I should advertise the Happy Hour location. A personal fav, the Cheers! of downtown Dallas residents: City Tavern.

Yes, Lindsay gets it!


For this BIZARRO BEER FRIDAY, we'll take a tour to an example of what happens when pegging goals/actions to meaningless, abstract statistics such as GDP; the blind creation of unnecessary infrastructure and the epitome of overly centralized planning and development. The opposite of a favela, if you will.

Lacking understanding of emergent nature of cities and the economic foundation underpinning population demand driven evolution.

Not wholly unlike the creation of edge cities in the US decades ago a la Las Colinas - of course, people had to go bankrupt first, and somebody will do so here as well.

Creating an architect's fantasy land, a clean slate, a blank canvas for ahem self-gratification architectural expression.

I'd show more, but I'm afraid you may have seen them plastering every page of architectural record since a google image search of the city turns up a smorgasbord of unbuilt architectural portraiture, ignorant of all/any context, the type of humanizing and participatory complexity of urbanity. But of course, there is no context. Next stop, city building in Siberia!

ZOMG! Behold our masterpiece of arbitrary geometric shapes!

The world will know thy name!

In the end, it is too rightly ordered, too overly masterplanned to ever be usable in its current form.

"Novelty is often mistaken for progress."