Friday, October 23, 2009

Ur Doin It Wrongz

I appreciate the attempt. I do. There is nothing wrong with bricking up some streets (in this case Elm), but there is the issue of spending money but not changing what is fundamentally wrong with Elm Street in the first place. More lipstick on a pig, I suppose.

But the point of the photograph is to show the 1' wide curb at the nexus of the two crosswalks. To keep people from walking diagonally, I'm sure. Apparently, we have a problem with that in Dallas and if we could only just walk diagonally across this intersection, we could get to the bar that much sooner. But, DRAT! if this curb directing us down the yellow brick road weren't in the way.

I could ignore both crosswalk paving pattern, little blinky white walk-signal man, and the on-rushing traffic of one-way streets driving entirely too fast through a downtown environment, if it weren't for you little curb, tripping hazard, appearance: ridiculous getting in my way.