Friday, October 16, 2009

Hand in Peter's Pocket/Paul's Back

American Way.

At least more of the same from the 20th century get rich quick/no real work/progress economy, State's upping ante in competition poaching businesses at BBC:
Development officials then give potential investors the full VIP treatment - free luxury hotel accommodation and slap up meals - and drive them around in a limousine while pitching to them about why they should switch state.
To some degree competition b/w states can be a good thing (like b/w any two entities), however when it leads to 1) the kind of rampant and wasteful spending that could be used doing more productive things, and 2) rapid change and dislocation of business/social networks for local economies and the workers displaced or REplaced.
Indiana officials also travel further afield to poach business, to Dallas, New York and Atlanta.
Oh, wait! That's not fair! Only WE are allowed to do that. That's not nice Indiana. /payback for College Football HoF. Dallas/ATL - Indiana is a vengeful sort. State motto: Don't Eff with us. Or something like that.
"You're wasting your energy on negatives when you should be concentrating on selling the positives of your own brand. You're alerting people across the whole country to the fact you are willing to play dirty and a lot of people will be put off by that."
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.....Play in dirt and alls ya get is dirty.