Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Urbanicious Metaphor o' the Day

What's a meadow for?

Apparently it's for a faux-hawk femmullet look. She, it? loves the doggies.

This one is brought to you by Cesar Jacobs, er Jane Millan, er Jansar Milcobs, by the looks of he?her?it? was a famous Dutch impressionist, a multi-talented virtuoso with expertise in dog rearing and neighborhood saving, expressed clearly through pointillism. So in control of all life forms around, she/it rides a giant pitbull to work with a scarf stylishly sashed about; a virtual fusion salad explaining away the ways of the world with an extra helping of croutons, hold the ranch. I like my knowledge dropped on me cold, dry, and flavorless:

Urbanism tames. The proximate relationship and feedback loops of all things in direct or indirect design communication tempers all inhabitants from land uses, to buildings, to the people within, the way a new, wild dog is socialized into the pack. A well-tamed urban building will roll onto its back and expose its tummy, showing its vulnerability as an interrelated and interconnected puzzle piece contributing to the whole picture.