Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Announcing a New Project

Heat Mapping Urbanity


Unfortunately no, not a new development project for Dallas, but rather a new study I'm going to begin putting together and hopefully tweaking based on initial "beta" results to establish as a new urban "additive" map. It will be a version of a heat map is colored like a heat map where Positive urban ingredients get a collection of +1's per ingredient, or -1's per negative element on the cityscape and/or streetscape. Deeper, darker the color the more "urban" or anti-urban block it is.

The idea is that what we already know begins to reveal itself. Adjacent blocks feed off or impact each other but there really is no way to measure this, except perhaps heat maps that ideally will reveal a multiplying effect in either direction where a collection of blocks contribute to a "center" that becomes more "urban" or anti-urban, and revealed through the architecture and the collection of ingredients.

We shall see.

Gonna marinate on the potential plus/minus characteristics perhaps over night and start listing them here shortly. I'll take any advice ya got.