Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Monday, er, Tuesday Morning Links

Zoinks, never let your air conditioning fail in 95 degree Texas Septembers. Nonetheless, what truthiness hast the world unveiled today:

The always great Victoria Transport Policy Institute released a new housing preference study suggesting a shift towards smaller houses in more walkable settings. But, but, but, all your silly studies and "polls" contradicts the real estate industries thoroughly comprehensive study, "All things being equal would you rather have a mansion or a shanty? Not sure, well I'll just put you down for the biggest house on the biggest lot possible." Study concluded. The masses want more suburbia!!!!

Also, another fav Alex Marshall, author of one of the better and more comprehensive books on urbanism and our mistakes, weighs in on a similarly related issue:
There is no objective way to pronounce that one way of travel is better than another. Transportation, or at least one’s experience of it, is subjective. Ultimately, it depends on what you like. But if policy makers want to push one form of transportation over another, they’d do well to consider making that form of travel a primo experience.
The irony is that the only way a car trip is qualitatively improved is by investing in all other forms of transport: improved walking experience, biking, trains, etc. Thus, removing cars from the roads, the excess capacity, the reflexive compulsion to widen roads to support said capacity, and the nasty vertical development that is a direct relationship to it.

I ask you to recall the types of scenes in car commercials, where driving is wonderful: cities or country.

And frankly, I'm getting tired of studies studies studies that all say the exact same thing when we need to be focusing on (not just the solutions b/c those are largely known) but the strategic efforts to bring those solutions and issues into the mainstream dialogue. Ya know, rather than Tila Tequila. But, once again here is Reconnecting America stating what we know: Compact Development is better for co2 emissions, energy use, yadda yadda.