Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Pondering Brought to You By This Morning's Shower

Some say our city, Dallas (or for that matter any sun belt city) just isn't built for any form of transportation other than car travel AND we're SO spread out, no other form makes sense. We're stuck with it, may as well make it work. I see this as a form of reverse chicken and egg.

It's more like all we have to eat is a rotten egg and a chicken infected with bird flu and told to survive.

To quote Mayor Carcetti from the single greatest and most profound television show ever created, "how many bowls of shit do I gotta eat?!"


Side note for the there a way to keep the homeless from defecating all over the city's sidewalks at night??? My dog decided it would be a good idea to roll in some when I wasn't looking and after a morning spent scrubbing and bathing I still feel like Lady MacBeth.