Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dallas Places Two in the Top 12 Neighborhoods in the Country

...for crime.

In the interest of localizing crime statistics, and in this case only violent crime statistics, WalletPop, whatever on Earth that is, has derived a top 25 list for most dangerous neighborhoods, including numbers 9 and 12 going to two adjacent areas of Dallas (so they aren't really two distinct neighborhoods then are they?). Both are immediately Southeast of Fair Park.

Personally, I'm amazed there are no Houston or Los Angeles neighborhoods. I think I have been to about ten or so of these. And, I'm quite confident in saying that the Parramore district of Orlando was easily the least safe I have maybe ever felt in my life. And I was there canvassing the area at 8 am.

Remember this is for violent crime. Remind me some day to write about the story a City official relayed regarding FBI maps/white collar crime/and the most crime ridden area of D/FW. White collar crime sounds so benevolent doesn't it?

Also, not included is the under reporting or "juking" of the stats that some police departments engage in to either a) look like they're doing their job or b) satisfy politicians needs or c) are simply overwhelmed by the entropic forces eating away at society and the cultural blanket hiding "the better angels of our nature."

ht: McCready.