Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Duany, Leppert, The Observer, and Props 1 & 2

Unfair Park on Duany's Monday night presentation at SMU:
You have a pretty low quality of life, given your wealth.

From the comments:
Duany also stressed that he supported Mayor Leppert on Prop 2 (I do, too!) but was strangely silent on Prop 1.
If a reader is curious, I would be aligning precisely as this commenter is insinuating Duany was given my thoughts on the Convention Center hotel here and here:
to expand upon Cullen's metaphor, a building is just a building. It's like a postcard. You glance at it and toss it away. Maybe, if it is of unique brilliance, you slap it on the fridge with a corny touristy magnet.

But, actual city building, the arrangement of built form, landscape, public space, streets, and the orchestration of which, when properly done, can become DRAMA; when the whole is greater than the mere sum of parts.