Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Where Liberals and Libertarians Overlap

As I posted previously, there is a growing convergence between the Obama and Ron Paul movements, at least this one: End the Fed, "Who owns the Federal Reserve?" And why the he11 did we as a country decide it was a good idea to no longer back money by anything other than our ability to pay it back to these banks?

Which brings me to my one worry. Is Obama trying too hard to have the best of both worlds: the happy, ignorant excesses of the 20th century combined with the inevitable progress into the 21st? Personally, I don't feel we can afford it. Now if the point is to let these companies die slowly to prevent any sudden shocks to the system, I can buy that (And in many ways, I guess I am...literally).

And Ron Paul is just a lunatic. A lunatic that happens to actually have a few good points, which makes him a necessary idealogical force, just never a real, legitimate leader. But, to privatize everything? We've been down that road Mr. Ayn Rand.

I suppose we should privatize the Coast Guard so we wouldn't be "wasting" tax payers money looking for those football players off the Clearwater coast. They would have to have a special "subscription" in case such things would happen, i.e. like a "holy shit, my boat capsized and I'm floating in the Gulf, come get me" insurance. Except only morons and the obscenely and toxically wealthy would buy such silly shit and it wouldn't have the necessary resources to perform its life saving functions.

Good theories objectionists. Now go ahead and die. So we can be a nation of problem solvers, not idealogues.