Monday, March 23, 2009

Statistics that I Want to Save.

Once again, this site becomes an info dump for me:

From this month's New Urban News article "Economic Sustainability is About Placemaking," regarding Arlington, VA's Rosslyn-Ballston corridor:
" buildings needed to be within three blocks of a Metro Station to lease well, while residential buildings rented or sold well up to six-blocks from transit.

...a 40 percent office/60 percent residential mix, based on the fact that residential units generally have two occupants per unit (approx. 1000 sq.ft) while office buildings have four workers per thousand square feet."
Office buildings are built parked at 2 per 1,000 sf as compared to typical market rate which is closer to 4.

Half of all residents along the corridor use metro transit to commute to work.

Three traffic mitigation strategies were used at the Whiteflint Metro station area development:

1. Mixed-use reduction of 10-25%
2. Proximity to station reduction:
  • 40% for apts
  • 50% for office peak am
  • 28% for office peak pm
  • 25% for retail
  • 5% for cinema
3. Traffic management reduction: 10-23%