Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kraft Food vs. Craft Food

TreeHugger. This table tells the story of what needs to and is happening in more industries than just food production:

FeaturesOld ‘Industrial Food’ EconomyNew ‘Creative Food’ Economy
Prototypical companyKraft – cheese productsCraft/artisanal cheese
Sources of economic powerEconomic power is centralized National/international production, processing and marketing Concentrated farms and control of land, resources and capitalEconomic power is diffused and decentralized from owners or controllers of means of production to individual, highly creative knowledge-workers and extra-firm institutions
Sources of quality and innovationQuality is a measure of added value in highly-processed environments or incremental innovation in packaging and marketing of existing food products (e.g., 27 different kinds of Oreo cookies)Quality is a measure of taste, terroir, and talent of entrepreneurs making new and innovative products
Enterprises’ attitudes towards placeFirm or company located close to traditional production inputs like raw land, and transportation networks. Little relationship between place and product making. Preferences for place are subordinate to traditional company inputs.Traditional production dimension important, but place becomes central to quality food making, marketing and consuming