Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Has Someone Been Reading My Blog

Doubtful, but Harvard prof. Howard Glaeser comes to the same conclusion as I did here:
That is how innovation works: small companies competing like crazy and trying out new things. Across cities, there is a strong connection between an abundance of small firms and local growth. The last thing that the government should be doing is propping up big declining firms. Real innovations are far more likely to come from someone’s garage, which is where Chester Carlson came up with the Xerox machine during the Great Depression.
My words:

Let me be the first to say, that instead of saving dinosaurs, how about we start thinking about saving that money to help startups on the other side of this bottoming that will be smaller, nimble, and more able to meet the needs of the 21st century.

It is time to fossilize the AIGs of the world and hang their bones in a museum. We'll dedicate it to decadence and an unrelenting belief system to the religion of greed. As I once heard somebody say, Greed makes for a useful agent in democratic free market economies, but also makes for a horrible master.