Friday, March 27, 2009

BS. I'm Pissed They're Saving More Than Me.

B'more Transit Users Save Thousands. No word on whether Senator Clay Davis has ever rode MTA:

According to a new study based on gas prices and parking rates, transit riders in Baltimore can expect to save an average of $8,635 a year by riding MTA. That's almost $720 a month.

"Traffic jams is another issue here we are forgetting. You don't get traffic jams on MTA," Barasa said.
Actually, this (along with the hassle of registration, insurance, and the like) is the primary reason I have not yet bought another car. When I got out of the CoolRolla after driving on I's-75,35,45,30 or 20, I was pissed off. I don't like being in a bad mood. Because when I'm in a bad mood, I ball my fists and things get messy.