Monday, January 5, 2009

Links for Monday 1/5/9

Kunstler and his turns of phrase.
To me, GWB will remain the perfect representative of his time, place, and culture. During his years in Washington, America became a nation of clowns posturing in cowboy hats, bethinking ourselves righteous agents of Jesus in a Las Vegas of the spirit, where wishing was enough to get something for nothing, where "mistakes were made," but everybody was excused from the consequences of bad choices.
Yellowstone Earthquakes.

When a bunch of earthquakes occur in a concentrated area in a short amount of time, geologists call it a "swarm." They're not unheard of at Yellowstone, but rarely have the earthquakes reached the magnitude and frequency of the past week...

Scientists don't know why this particular swarm is so intense, but Heasler says there's no need to worry about an imminent volcanic eruption. The last time the supervolcano erupted was 640,000 years ago.

Let's hope it's not anything to worry about. But, someday that baby is gonna blow.

NYT OpEd for Mass Transit.
The new administration could further help mass transit by shelving the unfair “cost effectiveness index” that President Bush put in place several years ago for new transit programs. The net effect of this index was to make it easier to build highways and almost impossible to use federal money for buses, streetcars, light rail, trolleys — indeed, any commuter-rail projects.
The irony is, if this was calculated properly and holistically, it would actually do the opposite of corrupt road lobby's intent.

I may have posted this before, but the proposed Dallas Sustainable Block from Treehugger is proposing some things that we are on another project, that happens to have a much better site than this one: Car Sharing to reduce the parking load and, in turn, construction costs by replacing parking requirements with "mobility provisions" in the zoning and "micro-units".