Friday, January 23, 2009

Bizarro Beer Friday

Well, someone woke up on the right side of the bed today. Oh, not me. I had a pillow over my face to ward off the nasty sunlight. That someone would be the City of Dallas. Good Gawd, where am I? Something must be going on this weekend that I am unaware. Yes, it is 70, the sun is poking its head out and on the comfortability scale, rather perfect outside...aside from the strange odor of eggs near Neiman Marcus.

The streets are alive. I haven't seen this many people on the streets of downtown Dallas since the city celebrated the Cowboys winning a playoff game...oh, wait...

For the first time in my existence in this city, I witnessed street performers. Yes, that's right creative panhandling has come to Dallas as a guy and gal twentysomething duet played the sax and geeeeetar outside of my office building...with a guitar case with strewn dolla dolla bills about no less. There are girls jogging, people ambling...AMBLING! How dare these pedestrians enjoy city street life whilst I'm walking and interrupt my caffeine and yellow 5 enthused power walk to the office?!

So, as for the free beer Friday Guess the City contest, we'll go to a place much less pleasant than the streets of Dallas. This beer Friday is brought to you by McDonalds, AAA, GM, Exxon-Mobil, and Bank of America/Comerica/Wachovia/Washington Mutual/Wells Fargo/Lehman Brothers/Enron/First National Bank of These United States:

Without further ado (and to unleash some snarky-ness b/c Dallas just isn't cooperating today):

[In this city, you'll find lovely tree-lined boulevards pavement...]

[...authentic ethnic dining experiences more pavement]

[... exhilerating and vibrant shopping districts remiscent of the golden rectangle in Milan and more pavement]

[...a rich and lively, culturally significant downtown boarded up storefronts]

[...elegant and sophistocated high-rise living views of dumpsters]

[an extensive and comfortable mass transit network over-grown train tracks]

[... humming industrial base comatose industrial base]

[...oh, and I have nothing to add here, except that I'll still defend graffiti as an organic vigilante form of ownership and expression despite getting into many an argument with fellow urbanists over its legitimacy to exist. Perhaps it could become a Livability Indicator some day...hmmm...]

The first contestant to properly name the City where these pictures were taken in the comments section below gets the prize: 1 Beer of their choice at today's happy hour location AND an all-expense paid trip to this fair city (if they would actually want it).

[Fine print: Blog owner reserves the right to tell you to flip the eff off if you actually hold him to the all-expense paid trip portion of the prize.]