Thursday, November 6, 2008

Odd Calm, Until...

Election Day and Night, I was oddly calm before and after the results came in. Perhaps, because I was expecting it all along. It does feel good when your country proves capable of doing the right thing.

But this moved me more than anything:

As for cabinet positions, I would be ecstatic for Blumenauer as Secretary of Transportation, RFK Jr. to head the EPA, and Colin Powell as Secretary of Education. I also wouldn't mind one bit if Hagel finds a spot or Gates is retained.

I can't tell you how warm the heart gets to know we'll be getting people in positions that want to improve the welfare of their responsibilities rather than sellout to corporate interests or hardline ideological fanatics.

As for the election results? This map from the NYT via Kos pretty much sums it up showing states that went either more blue or more red than 2004. How are race relations in KY, TN, AR, OK, and LA anyway??? On a positive note, check out IN...

The black circle indicates Dallas County going from 50-50 in '04 to 57-41 in '08.