Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ahhhhh...What a Morning...

It's beautiful out. Due to the time change, I was wide awake at 6:30 am; early enough to take the pooch for a nice long walk over rivers of homeless urine and through rapidly filling seas of macadam. I decided to take her all the way down to the West End to take a gander at the voting lines forming before the polls even open. It's a day of optimism and hope...

...on the flip side:

Kunstler's monday warning:
Apart from that, McCain has run the flat-out most scurrilous campaign I've ever seen, despite his reputation as a war hero and a sterling fellow among the senators. He's run a campaign of malicious innuendo and slander, seemingly aimed at voters who would have trouble qualifying for the Special Olympics.
...the Republican Party needs to crawl off to a dark hole somewhere and either pupate into something better or die -- as the Whigs did in 1856. The Republican Party is not through wrecking America. They have three more months to destroy the US dollar and the economy that runs on it. And with Mr. Paulson shoving out pallet-loads of bundled dollars to the likes of JP Morgan, so they can continue doing the very thing that provoked this financial fiasco -- lending money recklessly to anyone with a pulse -- they might just "get her done!"
OpEd in the Guardian on the Remembrance of W.
And I would be remiss to forgo some of the comments below the article:
  • He'll be remembered, it's true. We need these yard-sticks to remind us... never again. The US is not a regressive right-wing, fearful and divided nation as Bush and his apologists would like it to be. It is nice to watch what appears to be a hopeful reboot.

    I have to laugh when people suggest he'll be vindicated by history. He'll be remembered as a blot. An embarrassing stain.

  • Always good when the forces of democracy, rid the world of vile dictator

  • In 2000 Bush had to abandon the customary Inaguration walk to the Whitehouse because his limousine was being pelted with eggs by outraged citizens.

  • I think seeing him off in that same style would be a highly appropriate send-off

[addendum - I had to get this article in there]

Comparing and Contrasting the Internet Bubble with the Housing Bubble: 'Greed is Good' Mantra Needs an Amendment from MarketWatch.
The Internet bubble was a case study in how capitalism should work. Investors frenzied around an unprecedented technology. Some won big, some lost big, but by and large, they knew the risks.

And when the dust cleared, society as a whole received a huge benefit. The rapid build out of a world-changing technology.

By comparison, the housing bubble has been the exact opposite. A home isn't innovative to begin with, and a select few profited wildly by shifting the risk.

Even more importantly, when the dust cleared, society as a whole had been torched. More homes have been built than needed, many in the desert.
Truer words have never been written on this subject.

And lastly, I leave you with this gem from the Simpsons: