Friday, October 24, 2008

While Regretting This Last Head Shave


This is fun: Map of Corruption and Deceit from Exxon Secrets

50 Strange Buildings. Objects. No more...often less. Shoot me. Now. In the face. Don't miss. Paint the walls with my brains.

Annnnnnndddd, the quote for the day:

From John Norquist:
Norquist's Law: Public infrastructure expenditure per square foot of developed space is inversely proportional to your ability to walk to lunch.
Because at the top of the land consumptive real estate development food chain was Wall Street. And Wall Street demanded growth. See: The Cancer Stage of Capitalism. Whatever kind of growth they could get. Which meant quantitative growth over qualitative, because it was easier. Blind, indiscriminate growth. Like a Tumor. Or the surface parking lots and pavement that spread over the country side like malignant melanoma.

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul:

Our cities grew out rather than up. We robbed from the left pocket to fill the right pocket and called it profit; leaving behind decaying infrastructure, cities, and public realm. And what did we get for these public infrastructure expenditures. All of the cul-de-sacs, arterials, highway interchanges, drive-to-bars, and tract housing that a huff and a puff could blow down that define sprawl, which is now worthless.