Friday, October 3, 2008

Free Beer, Happy Hour Guess the City - 10/03/08

From a guest contributor this week who was there not more than a handful of weeks ago snapping away some of these photos. So if you happen to be married to this person (or be that person), and you know who you are, you are banned from this week's competition...or else...and by else, I mean Shin kick:

And because I always feel compelled, here is today's clue:

This city was once two, but is now one. 1 was on one side of the river and 1 was on the other side of the river. 1 + 1 = 2. And no, it is not Minneapolis-St.Paul. That is still two cities and there isn't as pleasant a space as shown within 1,000 miles of Minnesooooota.

Furthermore, since this blog's inception at the end of May, it has received 2,708 unique hits from 69 countries, 19 from this particular city.

And because I happen to have a number of images stored of this same city in the ol' hard drive cache, HERE's MORE!!!!1!!

One (1) Side:

Other (1) side (note topography, hint hint):

Nothing to say here, but I included them anyway, so there.