Friday, October 3, 2008

City Mice vs. "Real Americans"

A False Dichotomy, from The Next American City.

While I agree with the premise and very much liked the irony of the anecdotes:
Truthfully, I do get a little nervous walking down vacated streets [of Philadelphia] at night. Not necessarily because of the two times I was attacked—those both happened in a small town in California with 4,200 people.
But, I disagree with this point:
Even though these urban versus rural tactics seem to work, I can’t help but think that the Obama campaign tacked the wrong way. For someone bent on proving he’s in touch with “real Americans,” he’s sticking way too close to the cable news definition of the term — working class whites, and no one else.
He's already got the coastal and metropolitan vote. So did Kerry and Gore. In fact, he has them so firmly entrenched in his camp that he could wipe his ass on green toilet paper with JFK's picture on it and still have their vote.

His campaign is about reaching out, to the other side, to the disenfranchised, to the "What's the Matter with Kansas" voters as he should. What this country needs is some coalescence; not the bitter pettiness and partisanship of recent times. We have the chance to make this moment the epochal point in the Baby Boomer's destruction role as cultural and social thought driver of the country and it feels like our only chance.

Oh, and then there is this point:
In reality, the $27 million in federal dollars netted by Palin for tiny Wasilla would impress even the most gratuitous Chicago fat cat.

Which I mention in this post: The Sarah Palin Chronicles: Talk about Fiscal Irresponsibility. But it's all just a big joke to the winners.