Friday, October 3, 2008

Ahhhh, I Get It Now

This is what the villains were doing in the last James Bond movie, Casino Royale, nice little folding mechanism that I was too dimwitted to pick up on, having gambling play a prominent role while the good/bad guys were "gambling" with stocks/terrorism.

AIG: Short Selling on States Credit-worthiness from the NYT.

I know very little of the upcoming Bond movie, but I will predict that (while it won't break Batman revenue records), it will be excellent and shatter records within its niche market.

I've been saying forever that while you can make money with a big budget and crap director (ie Michael Bay), if you put a smart director, writer, and actors on board, you can make big, BIG money (see: Batman).

In this case, Quantum of Solace has brought on board the very capable and Swiss! hands of Marc Forster to direct.