Monday, September 22, 2008

Want More Friends?

Live CarFree. or so says this study referenced in The Guardian.

They kept their front windows closed, did not allow children to play in the street and usually accompanied them to school, he said.

Heavy Street also found people less likely to care for their street. "The whole street needs knocking down and rebuilding" was one comment. "People argue and shout regularly."

It could not have been more different on Light Street, reported Hart. There, very few people felt the need to build a fence or a wall in the front garden, and most people had their windows open.

Residents there reported almost three times the number of gathering spots
compared with Heavy Street.

"The primary influence on social deterioration is the external effect of traffic, not any possible personality differences among residents of the three streets," he concluded.

"Growing car dependence is creating an epidemic of deteriorated mental and physical health associated with air and noise pollution, inactivity and road deaths and injuries.

"It seems that community and quality of life have been neglected whilst planning and transport policies have led to a massive growth in motor vehicles in the UK,"
said Hart.