Monday, September 22, 2008

Making Up for Lost Time


Newsweek Architecture Critic (Link): The bad news about green architecture. Preach it sister.
"...if 500 employees have to drive 40 miles a day to work in the place—well, how green is that? Achieving real sustainability is much more complicated than the publicity suggests."

Another "conservative," Republican whose ideas I respect has expressed his support for Obama. That makes all of them. Matt Simmons on the candidates and $500/barrel oil:
"John McCain is energy illiterate," Simmons is saying. "He's just witless about this stuff. As a lifelong Republican, I'm supporting Obama." A dozen oil and gas men sitting around a conference table in Lafayette, La., chuckle nervously as he continues. "McCain says, 'Oh, we're going to wean ourselves off foreign oil in four years and build 45 nuclear plants by 2030.' He doesn't have a clue."

HUD Secretary: Over-supply of houses will weigh down the housing market for years.

Tent Cities popping up all over American Cities. Sounds a lot like HooverVilles:

Shall we call these BushTowns? BushVilles? BushBurgs?

I'm amazed at how many downtrodden are present in DTD (shorthand for Downtown Dallas, remember). Part of this obviously has to do with The Bridge, but economic policies is creating the population, the Bridge is just giving them a destination. We've coldly begun to refer to Ervay St. as "the homeless highway."
The Department of Housing and Urban Development recently reported a 12 percent drop in homelessness nationally in two years, from about 754,000 in January 2005 to 666,000 in January 2007. But the 2007 numbers omitted people who previously had been considered homeless — such as those staying with relatives or friends or living in campgrounds or motel rooms for more than a

Everybody knows this administration has been fudging numbers since 2000 right, right? It's a culture that has trickled-down to every part of the economy. Pun intended. Fast food workers are now counted in the manufacturing sector. Those out of work for more than X length of time are not counted as unemployed. And apparently, if you had a roof for a couple of nights during the year, you aren't homeless. I would bet they count tents as a roof too.

I might be ashamed to admit this, but I had an "ahah" moment the other night. Perhaps this country needed the Bush administration to set fire to every branch of government. Yes, many programs and policies had become over-burdened by stifling levels of bureaucracy. While I completely disagree with the way they went about it, perhaps it takes this type of crash for overarching reform, which means we absolutely HAVE to have a progressive centrist like Obama in office next.