Monday, July 14, 2008

NYC Trying to Keep up with the Rest of the World

Closing lanes on Broadway for Pedestrians

Tragically, Dallas lags behind, under the 60s era, Mosesian impression that highways and road construction means progress, jobs, and, as engineers put it, a widening means "road improvement." I quote from Suburban Nation:
"...a recent British study found that downtown road
removals tend to boost local economies, while new roads lead to higher urban

Road improvement only based on their narrow criteria of moving traffic. Keep in mind that civil engineers get paid on a per material basis, more pavement, more cash. PAVE THE WORLD!!!!

In other news, found myself in the West Village Borders this weekend where I picked up a new book. Similar to Dallas Rediscovered, Downtown Dallas: A Romantic Past, Modern Renaissance does more to depress with all of the buildings that have been torn down (once again in the name of "progress") to make room for parking and other buildings, aka the modern renaissance.