Monday, July 14, 2008

NYC High Line

I feel like I'm yapping about NYC more than Dallas, but ya know, things are happening in NYC. ahem.

NYTimes has an OpEd up suggesting the High Line lacks vision and while his point is taken (and the author freely admits his proposals are unrealistic - so then what's the point?), I rather like the design, and like Central Park, sometimes a little nature in an intense urban environment can go a long way. Most cities would be so lucky for such an amenity and not all things New York have to be outlandish. What makes the city great are the subtleties of the neighborhoods and the intricacies of the community fabric, what Jane Jacobs wrote about, not the mega-projects.

But, at the end of the day, for such a ballyhooed project, this is rather trivial compared to what they should be focusing on, which is what the Embarcadero did for San Fran: downgrading (engineering term) highways into pedestrian-friendly boulevards and reconnecting to the water, even if its nasty water and capitalizing on wasted land that should be maximized thru the development of new neighborhoods.
You can see here how a portion of it winds thru the city.