Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Morning Articles

Farms in the Sky.

I question the long term viability of the shallow soil per each level… as well as the energy intensiveness of creating artificial sunlight, when there is real sunlight. Conceptually, it’s good, bringing food close to people, but I think that’s what pruning back the suburbs will do.

Save the Country, Ride the Rail.

I really believe the only thing to save Detroit is to retool their plants to build hi-speed trains (at least temporarily so they can diversify their economy). People need to listen to Obama when he says he wants the fastest train in the world to be built here. In the Vegas airport, I met several people from Detroit, and they bought into my idea.

Picture of the Day - Downtown Dallas, 1951. Ya might call it the high water mark of the City.

Spain and Argentina make their debut, 33/50 and I finally got some love from the state of Florida.