Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Euros Travelling More Than Ever...

Americans travelling less...

Can you guess why???

Even as America is sobering up from its excess of cheap oil, other parts of the world are seeking to join the party. They, too, want homes far from dirty city centres, huge open roads and fast cars. It is still a beguiling vision of freedom, mobility and bountiful riches.

McKibben spent last week on a visit to Beijing. He was worried about what he saw. Even as America's obsession with the car lifestyle is ending, others are embracing it. 'The Chinese have spent the Bush years starting to build their own version of America. A key question for the planet is whether they still have time to build a version of Europe instead - global warming will probably hinge on the answer to that question,' he said.

Add India, Eastern Europe, and parts of Southern Europe as well. It's doomed. Why build it to begin with??

Also, anecdotally, I'm meeting more Euros than ever working over here as foreign businesses increase investments in the U.S.