Tuesday, July 15, 2008


oh shit, the Medellin cartel found me:

Medellin, Colombia
Costa Rica

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No way to build a healthy capitalist society.

Great Depression of 2008
Malloy (always fun) on the "Ownership Society"
House of cards is unravelling.

Torture with your Peanuts? Taser Bracelet Idea floated by Homeland (In)Security
I'd put up with this once. On my flight the F outta here.

Hawaii - Too Much Trash! - Wall-E isn't that far fetched now is it?
I don't believe our economy nor our planet will be healthy until we acknowledge that the economy is merely a subset of the environment and we begin to shift to a cradle-to-cradle society. It makes perfect sense. We haven't expressed the true costs of extraction or wastes because they were "externalized." The way to maximize profits will be to recycle wastes as the source object (ie food) for another supply chain, either thru selling it to another process or back into the original.