Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Speeches, Speeches, Blah Blah Blah

Saw one Vespa parked outside an office this morning and a Smart Car pulling out of the DP&L garage last for the speeches:

This pretty much sums it up. See all of them here.

As for my opinion, of course no new ground was broken, no real policy was discussed, "I'm gonna do this, the other candidate is gonna do that. yada yada yada," and this is obviously not a new point but one that deserves an underscore is the striking difference between the crowds at each of the speeches. Obama was in front of a raucous 17,000 with a reported 15,000 outside listening, Hillary was in front of a sleepy high school gym full of the desperate and disbelievers, and McCain apparently is running for student council president offering more soda machines in a bingo parlor replete with sleeping baby. I couldn't help at laugh at that bit, but during the remainder I felt sorrow for the poor guy. His speech writer shouldn't just be fired but poisoned Putin-style after that attrociosity (invented word)...of course, his sleepy delivery didn't aid in the cause.

During Obama's "thank yous," I quietly hoped he take himself out of the moment and to my delight he did exactly that. On a momentous night, he said this isn't about him, but about us, the movement. I am a firm believer that people, are merely conveyers of ideas, occasionally of which wars are fought over, but this is the right meme at the right time. He can take this morning to wake up and say to himself, his wife, "I am the first black candidate for president in the history of this country." (serious candidate) It gives me goosebumps.