Friday, June 20, 2008

Houston, You're Solving Your Problem

Houston Mayor Bill White on NPR this morning:

"We need to reorder the way we live. ... Mass transit is critical. More people are using mass transit in our community, it's up sharply this year. We're going to be the most aggressive builder of light rail lines of any community in the United States in the next three years. .... We don't have to encourage people, they get it. There's a tremendous demand for people who want ot give up that car, or go from two cars to one, and live near that transit line. ... We really don't have to channel what consumers want (as far as density), but we do have tools such as where we put our infrastructure .... Some communities that have had zoning are trying to dismantle it because it segregates (uses) ... We've had large changes in behavior. No question about it, we'll be bigger, we'll be denser. There's a new attitude cropping up every day when somebody fills up their tank."