Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Houston City Council Approves 5 More Light Rail Lines

"I'll say it loud and clear: No longer is the city of Houston waffling on rail," Councilman Peter Brown said. "With gas headed to $8 a gallon and oil to $200 a barrel, we have to rethink Houston as the happy motoring paradise."
And they say they can get all of them finished by 2012. I'm dubious. They better hope for a certain Presidential candidate that would help shift funding from unnecessary new highway projects to metro-rail. 2012 is awfully aggressive. More power to them, but I do hope they think that it is more than simply adding rail.

Transportation and development go hand-in-hand. They must think about how the stations tie into mixed-use walkable urban development and furthermore blend the new development into the existing for improved connections and accessibility for existing neighborhoods to those stations.