Thursday, May 22, 2008

Volvo's Ipod

This is pretty cool looking, I'll admit, especially the little lime wedge wheels. It's fascinating to me that two years ago, we were skeptical about designs/projects/prototypes being branded "green," and now it really seems to be taking off. For one, b/c there is now both the technology and the understanding of the ROI of sustainability for "green" to be marketable. B, because external forces, i.e. the global economy has forced more rapid change than fat and happy American people typically like. And third (subtle joke reference there), design is catching up to make some of these things more palatable.

I'm fully in favor of cars being as green as possible. I'm not even sold that emissions standards are the best way about it. Cars are a luxury, but we've been hoodwinked into thinking they are a necessity. And because they became a necessity, everybody had one (or two or three) and we framed our transpo system and built world around all of us in our cute little menacing steel deathmobiles. (Obviously, it's more complex than that, but do I really have time to detail the 20th century in a paragraph?)
The point is, at the end of the day, it is about quality of life. Do I want to be stuck in traffic looking at this all day, even if my car spews water vapor from the fountain of youth and smells of roses?

This is the end result and we spend countless money on production, infrastructure, labor, etc. and this is our end result? No thanks.