Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pedaling Towards Cleaner Cities


The mode(s) of transportation we use always dictates the urban form/style of the buildings within that framework.
Now it's time for me to figure out the most difficult part of this journey as of yet: How to get to and from clients' offices that aren't walkable or served by DART when I am travelling alone. I have to get about two-miles to Turtle Creek, in the rain...TAXI!!!!!!!!

(I'll be expensing this)

post-meeting update.

Just to chronicle the journey and contrast the to and fro:

2:45 catch a cab in front of the office
2:55 arrive at the client's office on Turtle Creek

Total Cost 7.25 + 2.75 tip = $10.00

(not factoring in social, current, or future costs accrued by car emissions or tax subsidies to secure energy sources and artificially deflate market rate costs for gas)

3:45 meeting ends
(shoot the shit with people)
3:52 walk out of the office and decide to try a different method to get home (foot and trolley)
4:04 arrive at Maple/Routh and McKinney Ave Trolley stop
4:05 get on the Trolley
4:12 arrive at St.Paul and Ross Trolley stop
4:17 arrive at the office

Total Cost $0.00

(yellow = cab, green = foot, red(dish) = trolley)

Was the ten bucks worth the extra fifteen minutes and a little bit of sweat on the brow during a humid day? How about when I would have to factor in time to fetch my car from the garage at my loft? (5 minutes each way) Or the cost to build the parking space in the garage? (~30K per space) Or the personal cost of $90.00 per month that I would have to pay to keep that spot there?

I'll leave the overall cost savings comparison between owning a car and not owning a car for another post.