Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Olfactory Mapping

Welcome to the first ever olfactory map of DTD, aka Downtown Dallas, my neighborhood. Walking to/from work every day for the past two months, I've experienced the virtual spectrum of various smells the city has to offer to the point that I think I could walk around with my eyes closed and know where I am. This will be additive and continue as long as the blog does every time there is a distinct smell that is consistent over multiple days, i.e. enough to be mapped. Some may be pleasant, calling you into a nearby restaurant. Others? Not quite so...

(Click to Enlarge)

1 - Hot Trash. The service entrance for Fuse Restaurant on Lane Street. Every. Single. Day. Without fail

2 - Dog Urine. The little doggie park outside of DP&L Flats, off the Browder pedestrian street. This area smells so bad, my dog refuses to go there. So many dogs, so little space. I know dogs are the way some suburban transplants socialize, but for the love of god, reuse urban market plastic bags to pick up after your dog, since the doggie "bags" are always empty. I know aiming for Rome or Paris is shooting for the stars, but we don't have to emulate the dog shit everywhere right? Right?

3 - Bacon and Syrup. If you like down home southern cookin', particularly for breakfast, Tootsie's just might be your place. It sure smells like it, but I wouldn't know, I've only eaten the burgers there at lunch.

4 - Garlic! Demi sure doesn't go easy on the seasoning at Porta di Roma on Main and Ervay and this italian lover, loves it.